Trading platforms and the choice of a trader


The foreign exchange took the financial world by storm and claimed the spot as the world’s largest financial market. As a result, a legion of forex brokers has flocked online trading along with their patented trading platforms. 

Many analysts believe that choosing a trading platform is the most critical decision traders have to make as it will either make their trading investment safe and profitable or spell disaster for them. As brokers aim to fish as many traders as possible, they developed, adapted, and outsourced trading platforms that will advance trading experience to the next level. For this reason, forex trading platforms were exploited and turned into instruments of fraudulent acts that cost traders’ earnings or cash in their trading accounts. 

Hence, many traders believed that brokers using advanced or unique trading platforms are scams, and even the mighty Xcritical trading platform is not spared and was dragged in this false narrative. This writing aims to help readers understand Xcritical’s basics and salient points to shed light on the scurrilous claims and misconceptions about the use of the Xcritical trading platform. Traders, brokers, and other investors shall take a different, wider, and clearer perspective and outlook about the Xcritical trading platform and how this tool can be of benefit in the forex trading industry.

The Xcritical solution

The Xcritical is known as a software development company whose trademark is producing innovative solutions in the Foreign exchange industry. It caters to both small and big firms that provide electronic or e-trading services. 

The Xcritical is outsourced by several forex brokers to help them operate and execute trading transactions with efficiency, speed, and convenience.

Among the innovative solutions of Xcritical include:

Xcritical continues to develop powerful solutions to improve online trading and promote competitive and high-quality options to ease traders’ way of trading.

Installing the Xcritical Trading Platform


This trading platform promises to deliver a solution to advanced and fast-paced trading and acts as a dependable partner to every trader who wants to trade online in any part of the world and across devices. At par with other trading platforms online, the Xcritical trading platform is armed with live data streams peppered with various trading functions. This trading platform is also designed to cater to different traders coming from several parts of the world as it is available in several languages.

The Xcritical trading platform enables traders to execute a number of transactions instantly including depositing and receiving trade signals to opening or closing trade positions. Its compatibility with different mobile Operating Systems makes it a potent trading platform. Lightning-fast execution is also part of its characteristics as this platform conforms to the highest standards of technological capabilities.

To use this trading platform at its optimum capabilities, it should be complemented with the Xcritical CRM software to combine the power of these two solutions to experience a smooth trading system available in the trading industry.

Moreover, the Xcritical trading platform is uniquely designed as it has:

Xcritical Trading Platform Navigation

Xcritical trading platform showcases an advanced trading medium for traders to experience smooth and convenient automated trading while enjoying state-of-the-art online trading facilities. 

The Xcritical platform interface has five basic functional divisions:

The first division of the platform interface walks users through the current budget and profit on trading transactions. This is also where users can configure basic functions such as sound notifications, language options, and one-click trading.

The second part of the interface is the customization of preferred trading instruments, currency pairs, and trading sessions.

Trade deals opening and trade object selection are featured in the third division of the interface. The fourth part displays the analysis of the pegged currency pair. Users are given the opportunity to customize each and every detail to make their trading more convenient.

The last division of the Xcritical trading platform interface exhibits visuals that reflect the trader’s recent operations and transactions. 

Xcritical Trading Platform’s Trade Transaction Options


As traders start their transaction by opening a deal, they can choose between these transactions process options:

  1. Use the currency pairs list – the trader needs to choose the currency pair by looking it up from the pairs list. The plus and minus icons indicate the adjustment of the size of the deal. Then, buy or sell the currency chosen.
  2. One-click trading – the user just needs to do a right-click on his preferred currency pair placed along with the indicators in the analytical table. The chart on the fourth division of the interface will automatically display the analysis for the poked currency pair. Aside from it, the trader can also sell the selected currency pair.

Opening and Closing Orders in the Xcritical Trading Platform

When opening or closing an order using the Xcritical trading platform, traders can choose the Forex Market Order and Pending Forex orders. Pending Forex Orders include: Buy Limit, Buy Stop, Sell Limit, and Sell Stop.

The Buy Limit option is the purchase of an asset when the Ask price rises to the trader’s preferred value. On the other end, the Buy Stop option is the purchase of an asset when the Ask price drops as desired by the trader.

Sell Limit is chosen when a trader sells an asset when the Bid price reaches the set value while Sell Stop is done when a trader sells an asset when the Bid price reaches the set value. 

Stop order is often made by traders as they manage their trade risk by choosing Stop Loss or Take Profit. “Stop Loss” enables the trader to stop the trade made to avoid further loss while Take Profit option is used when the trader wants to stop trading as he reaches his target trading profit for a session.

Additional Services of the Xcritical Trading Platform


Analytics is one of the critical aspects of a trading platform as it gives traders a handful of information about the financial markets. Hence, a trading platform sporting multi-faceted and well-functional analytics is a definite asset. The Xcritical trading platform gives traders a distinctive edge against traders using other available online trading platforms by providing unique analytical functions.

Here are some of the additional services in the form of analytical functions in the Xctricial platform of trading:

Performance Analysis – this service enables brokers to track the KPI of their company as well as determine the profitability level of the brokerage.

Integration with other resources – this special additional service of Xcritical is the most advantageous as it gives brokers the chance to power up their online trading services by integrating other systems. More so, clients have the choice to receive data from other trading platforms.

Risk Control – Xcritical can also do the math of calculating large customers who put their brokers at risk.

 Sorting – the Xcritical program allows users to sort data using indicators.

Mobile Platforms in Forex Trading

Forex trading can be made 24/7 through mobile platforms. Mobile platforms available these days vary in featured functionality, available trading tools, and interface. Simply put, a mobile trading platform comes in the form of a software tool or an application that can be downloaded in the App stores. When deciding which mobile platform to use, several considerations must be taken into account in order to experience seamless trading. These considerations include:

Mobile trading comes with much more ease when these considerations match the mobile trading platform at work in every trader. Take also into consideration other trading conditions present in the platform such as leverage, financial conduct, etc.

Moreover, many forex brokers claim to have the most advanced mobile platform in forex trading. But much to the dismay of account users, their brokers’ mobile trading platforms fail to live the expectations and cause inconvenience and worse, to traders lose as they find the platforms problematic and slow-responding.

In search of best forex mobile platforms, the following qualities are the non-negotiable must-haves:

Without all the above-mentioned must-haves or qualities, the mobile trading platforms at work in forex brokers’ trading services remain to be inefficient and will place account users’ trading opportunities at a disadvantage.

The Xcritical Mobile Platform

Among the plethora of mobile trading platforms, the Xcritical Mobile Platform is regarded as one of the formidable and technologically-advanced platforms. Using the Xcritical Mobile Platform allows traders to have convenient trading. Most importantly, brokers utilizing the Xcritical Mobile Platform are authorized and regulated to operate online trading and scammers never dared to make use of this platform. Choosing a broker using Xctritical as its trading platform is a safe bet.

More notably, the Xcritical Mobile Platform is available in both iOS and Android systems. It can be installed for free and provides traders the chance to test its mettle using a demo account. It is also integrated with the CRM feature. 

MetaTrader 4 vs. MetaTrader 5 vs. Xcritical Trading Platform


There are other trading platforms on the market. Let’s take a closer look at them and compare them with Xcritical.

MetaTrader 4

The rise of the MetaTrader 4 as a trading platform revolutionized forex trading and elevated trading conditions to greater heights. MetaTrader 4 possesses all the necessary tools and functionalities for forex trading. Graphic tools, special indicators, a news feed, and other significant tools are featured in the MT4. Moreover, this trading platform allows users to perform different transactions as they open several windows at the same time. MetaQuotes Software Corp. introduced the MetaTrader 4 back in 2005. MetaTrader 3 was replaced and the MT4 is its upgraded version. 

Up to date, MetaTrader 4 remains a strong trading platform for most traders as it lives up to the ideal trading platform which can secure mobile and automatic trading, perform extensive analytical functionality, display flexibility of its settings and programming.

Moreover, MetaTrader 4 has introduced these significant aspects into the 21st-century trading

MetaTrader 5


MetaTrader 5 is starting to make noise in the forex trading platform forums. It is a multi-asset platform that gives traders access not only in the forex market but also to stocks and futures markets. It is believed to acquire the most superior tools for comprehensive price analysis as well as the use of algorithmic trading applications and copy trading.

Armed with various order types and execution modes, MetaTrader 5 gives traders the opportunity to employ different trading strategies to get successful trade transactions in the financial markets. 

Moreover, MetaTrader 5 has this set of qualities:

However, most traders have yet to switch from MetaTrader 4 MetaTrader 5 as the latter will be ideal for experienced traders.

Xcritical Trading Platform and its Unique Features


MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 are patented trading platforms. However, the Xcritical trading platform could not be discounted as it possesses a great set of trading features and tools that live up to modern trading demands and innovation. 

The Xcritical trading platform is equipped with the following advantages and special features:

These attributes make the Xcritical platform a formidable option together with the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. 

Advantages of the Xcritical Trading Platform


The inception of the Xcritical trading platform gave another breakthrough in the online trading industry. The Xcritical platform gives traders advantages in trading as its accuracy is one of its strengths. With a wide choice of indicator tools to choose from, as well as access to daily economic news, analytics, economic calendar, and other trading tools, Xcritical is a noteworthy option as a trading platform.

Opening an Xcritical trading account enables traders to trade at the world level, at par with the global standards. Trading using the Xcritical allows traders to trade anywhere at any given time. Mobile platform available in the Xcritical also enables on-the-go traders to execute trade transactions conveniently. Another good consideration of trading through Xcrtical is its platform design which can be customized and a step ahead interface. Its unique functionalities situate their trading on the comfortable side. What’s more, is that the Xcritical offers more options similar to Forex trading. The Xcritical trading platform performs beyond expectations when they are synchronized with other Xcritical products including the CRM system. With the CRM system sat at the helm of the trading operations, brokers can have more control over data and functions. Lastly, armed with more technical capabilities, the Xcritical trading platform has become prominent when it comes to ordering execution speed. Forex trading signals are directly sent to the platform and its Autochartist functionality feeds traders timely and accurate technical analysis for traders reference and empowers them to trade profitably.

Xcritical Reviews

After learning about the rudiments of Xcritical and its potent online and mobile trading platforms, it is time to know what users think and say about it. 

“I have been working with the Xcritical platform for 2 months. I used mt4 before but decided to try another one because of the broker and small problems with the terminal itself.
Xcritical is still thrilled. It works instantly, even a little faster than mt4. He quickly changed to a new design, how to make deals figured out in a couple of minutes.
There were questions about setting up analytics, the broker, unfortunately, answered slowly. Turned directly to Xcritical, respond slowly – turned to lunch, waited for an answer until the next morning. At the same time, everything was explained clearly.
The consultant also helped to deal with the analytics bot. Now I know how to find all the necessary information on the platform.
Now I use the services of the broker Maximarkets. Found on his site good video tutorials on the platform.
Now I’m dealing with the stop loss function. There was no need to use mt4, so there is nothing to compare with. Thanks to video tutorials from a broker, the learning process is quick. From tomorrow I plan to start using it with might and main.
In general, I am satisfied with both the broker and the platform at 9 out of 10.”

Peter (October 25, 2018, at 3:34 pm).

This text clearly shows how the Xcritical functions more efficiently and works faster than the typical MT4 platform. Read some more testimonials to learn more about Xcritical.

“I use the services of the broker Maximarkets. Before that, I came across fraudsters and lost most of the earned cryptocurrency, so the second time I chose the broker with all care. The first thing that immediately caught my eye was the convenience and speed of the platform.
The broker himself and its technical component did not deceive expectations. Maximarkets works on two platforms at once. I decided to choose the one that was positioned as a platform for beginners – Xcritical. The description said a lot about detailed analytics and the ability to make deals in one click.
After watching the video tutorials, I thought that it would not be possible to figure it out. There is a lot of information, so little is understood. But directly on the platform itself, the process went very fast. In an hour, without the help of managers, I could make transactions with ordinary currency pairs and exchange cryptocurrencies.
I really like the design of Xcritical – everything is comfortable and pleasant to look at. A lot of bright colors, they highlighted everything that is needed.
I am very pleased with the platform and the broker.”

Sergey (June 25, 2019, at 12:20 pm)

This text reveals Xcritical’s user-friendly interface and easy-to-understand functionalities.

“Previously, Forex was not involved in trading and Xcritical – my first experience with such a program.
My computer is weak, so I worried that the whole process would be inhibited or nothing would start at all. Xcritical works fine, I didn’t have to download anything and everything works very quickly online.
I plan to download the application to the phone. I did not like trading through the web version of the platform – all analytics are finely displayed, we have to zoom in.
For me, the platform is very convenient. I will continue to use it in the future.”

Arthur (April 9, 2019, at 8:27 pm)

In terms of accessibility and convenience, Xcritical is living up to users’ expectations as seen in this review.

“The second month I use the Xcritical application. I consider this venture only as a way to earn extra money, so I don’t go into the system much. I read the reviews and registered on the broker’s website, now I use only the application. The built-in adviser and a little bit of my own ingenuity help me to earn small amounts. I chose only by reviews, so as not to be deceived, but got a fairly convenient way to earn money. Satisfied with everyone.”

Andrew ( June 18, 2019, at 1:51 pm)

This review is a clear illustration that a trader’s capital is safe using the Xcritical trading platform.

“Today I am an active user of the CRM system and the Xcritical mobile application. Since I am not a person prone to rash decisions, before I start using any program, I first get to know the company in detail.
As a trader for a long time I used mt4, but for my own business, I decided to look for more recent ideas. The choice was between mt5 and Xcritical. On mt5, I immediately read a lot of negative reviews about the features and speed, so the very next day I carefully studied the information about Xcritical Software.
To begin with, I started searching for information about the company and found out that Xcritical Software officially collaborates with the National Association of the Financial Market. This fact could not but rejoice, as good partners say a lot about the company itself. Then, of course, I read reviews about Xcritical and, to my surprise, found only positive feedback. The only warning was that there are few reviews on the Internet and, basically, they are all about the platform for Forex trading.
Through a form on the site, I turned to the company’s consultants to start as an ordinary trader who wants to consult about the use of the platform (I did not find the usage guide on the site). The manager called back within 3 hours and provided a detailed consultation about the platform. At the same time, I consulted about a CRM system. The company manager competently painted all the benefits of cooperation and literally seduced me to use this service.
I was able to evaluate the platform on the broker’s website. Pleased with the speed and a large number of platform features. Compared to mt4, there are fewer indicators, but the main useful functionality is all present. Custom analytics even liked more than mt4. On the first day, it turned out to configure all the graphs for you.
Xcritical attracted with its high performance after the first day of use. No less fast than the browser version turned out to be a mobile application. A nice bonus was that the application does not overload the device and weighs only 120mb.
As a future broker, I was also attracted by the fact that, according to the manager, the platform is integrated with the CRM system. In future work, this will eliminate many difficulties in the analysis of profitability.
I can write a review about the CRM system of this company only after the project is launched, after 2-3 months, and more detailed with the study of all the advantages and disadvantages — after six months. Now I can say that I have already decided on partners. The manager of the company Xcritical Software competently painted all the advantages of working with the company and guaranteed that the company will provide quality support in setting up the basic functions.”

Igor (August 13, 2019, at 2:50 am)

This review attests to Xcritical’s distinct advantage over MT4 and M5 trading platforms. 


Based on the presented reviews and of account users, Xcritical remains a strong viable option among trading platforms. Its legitimacy as a reliable trading platform is no longer a question as its functionalities, execution, and transaction do not thrive in deception. In fact, its regulatory status is confirmed by the Financial Conduct Authority, a regulatory body in the United Kingdom. 

To verify, interested parties may contact the Conduct Authority or read reviews posted online pertaining to Xcritical’s use. 

The Xcritical solution provides a more convenient and speedy trading platform that users can maximize through software integration. Its supremacy as a trading platform is starting to become unparalleled as it continues to innovate advanced trading reforms.